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Industries We Help

As a group of materials, plastic, rubber and other polymers are so versatile that they are pervasive. RAPRA has throughout its lifetime assisted thousands of companies from virtually every industry sector to develop commercially successful products based on these materials.

Today, the latest developments in polymer chemistry and manufacturing processes have dramatically extended the range of applications where polymers are now the preferred material, often replacing traditional materials for reasons including:

  • Improved durability
  • Lighter weight
  • Lower manufacturing costs
  • Predictable and consistent performance
  • Ease of design and manufacture
  • Ability to recycle

The most dramatic improvements in polymer materials have resulted from the demands of high technology and high value industries, such as Aerospace & Defence, Energy Generation Medical & Pharmaceutical and Automotive. Their annual combined R&D budget is measured in billions of pounds and they continually push the limits of where and how polymers can be used. RAPRA has worked with many key companies in these areas, helping them access the best research centres and helping influence Government financial support for innovation.

Whether you are a supplier, processor or end-user, companies of any size involved in the supply chain can access RAPRA knowledge and expertise to improve their R&D capabilities. There is no problem too small or obscure that RAPRA is unprepared to deal with. Our Technical Support Network provides us with an unrivalled range of capabilities to draw upon, always putting the needs of industry first.

Research & Development is an inherently risky and expensive undertaking, so why not minimise the risks and save money by becoming a RAPRA Member and benefitting from nearly 100 years of experience helping companies like yours.

If you need further convincing, use the RAPRA Polymer Helpdesk to help with your next technical issue involving plastic, rubber, polymers (including composites). This service is primarily for members, but is FREE to non-members to try.