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We don't just find you another lab we find you a solution

You may not be familiar with RAPRA, but within the polymer industry we've earned a worldwide reputation for helping deliver excellence in the area of R&D.

Founded in 1919 in a collaboration between the UK Government and Industry, the Research Association of British Rubber Manufacturers (as we were then called), offered a range of leading edge technical and information services to companies wanting to develop novel commercial products and applications that use rubber.

A move to Shawbury, Shropshire in 1954 was followed by plastics being added to its range of activities, so becoming the now familiar Rubber And Plastics Research Association (RAPRA).

Throughout its existence, RAPRA has continued to help convert the latest polymer technologies into viable commercial products. In 2002, RAPRA was restructured, with RAPRA Limited continuing to focus its activities on behalf of its Members as directed by the original remit enshrined in its constitution. 

In 2010 RAPRA relocated its offices to Telford, Shropshire. By changing to a network based support model at around the same time, RAPRA now has a far wider range of specialist capabilities at its disposal to fulfil its remit than it ever had in the past with a single facility.

We are the leading non-profit membership association which offers impartial specialist advice to its members and non-members through its network of world class technical and research centres.

We match your needs to the exceptional capabilities of our Specialist Technical Providers.

Put the issues that matter to you in front of influential people within the business community.

Members can actively shape public opinion around manufacturing through:

  • Our Manufacturing Company led Council
  • Round-table discussions
  • Participation in regular reports and surveys

Key Information to help guide you through important decisions and spot opportunities

RAPRA acts as your trusted chief information officer connecting you with what's happening in manufacturing both nationally and regionally.

Create a buzz around your brand and firm

RAPRA helps raise your profile to the audiences that matter to you. Our most engaged members actively grow their network and create partnership opportunities, whilst enhancing their public support of the manufacturing community.

By joining RAPRA you are enhancing your reputation as one that shares the same ethos of other members and those that want to see the long term prosperity of the polymer industry.

Online Presence

Members gain the following:

  • Exposure to new connections to both members and non-members who visit the site which in turn may present more interest in your own business.
  • The ability to upload your own news content directly onto your own unique space on RAPRA. This automatically loads onto the home page, social media feeds and weekly emailed digest. Ultimately you are publishing messages to reach an engaged audience.
  • You can upload news content as a way of motivating and boosting the esteem of valued employees, thanking a customer for new contracts, communicating your capabilities or just sharing best practice.

Technical support network

RAPRA’s Technical Support Network is made up of top class commercial facilities that have been personally recommended by our members, universities that are working on some the country’s leading edge research, government agencies and trade associations. This unique network enables RAPRA to put industry in touch with some of the best facilities in the country, quickly and efficiently dealing with the issues that affect them today.

In an ever changing world our clients are finding that using RAPRA’s Polymer Helpdesk takes away the stress and strain of spending valuable time on the internet searching for a solution to their problems and R & D issues. When under pressure to find an answer to its company’s needs, the last thing our clients want is to spend hours on the internet, coming up with a list of facilities and then having to spend time contacting them, only to find that they are not suitable for a variety of reasons.

Using its comprehensive Capability Matrix RAPRA takes a client’s – Member or Non-Member – enquiry and selects the best possible facility that will match the enquirers needs. These enquiries may be a failure of product issue, a material selection enquiry, a replacement material due to the current item being subject to SVHC issue or a wide variety of other reasons.

By using the Polymer Helpdesk our clients can rest assured that they will be put in touch with a top class facility, normally within 24 hours, which will understand their issue and strive to provide a first rate, prompt, cost effective solution to their issue.

Our Polymer Network does not only serve clients when there are problems, we can work with industry pro-actively along with our Technical Support Network to create solutions to ongoing R & D, improve current activity and ultimately help to prevent issues occurring in the future.

If you have an issue or an R & D request, why not try our Polymer Helpdesk and be connected to the very best network in the country today.

Call us on 0333 305 5125 to join our growing community and help us make a difference to your business.