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Aerospace & Defence

The UK Aerospace & Defence industry is ranked among the top three in the world with a £1.4 billion R&D investment in 2012. RAPRA recognises that maintaining leadership in this sector depends very much on how the key manufacturers manage their programs, government contracts and risk compliance regulations.

Sustaining its significant revenue and ensure growth in the future, will be achieved by driving innovation through improving current technology, applications and software.

Since RAPRA was established in 1919, it has promoted technology transfer wherever possible, enabling companies to access and adapt technologies to meet their needs in order to achieve:

  • Fuel efficiency developments
  • Improvements on previous generations of aircraft and other vehicles
  • Developing of new aircraft components/structures and manufacturing processes

As our mission is to support innovation, the Rubber And Plastics Research Association responds to industry needs in order to help bring about manufacturing improvements and introduction of new applications involving polymers. The  aerospace and defence supply chains are continuously set increasingly challenging requirements. By helping companies meet those challenges, RAPRA contributes to the success of the whole sector.

Design & Analysis Tools

Develop the crucial analysis capabilities in order to support concepts and integrate those in a modern design.

Selecting Materials

Research, test and create high-performance materials. Combine them into a design concept which will help you achieve higher performance at lower costs.

Rapid Development

To support the aerospace and defence sector, RAPRA has created a unique Network of Technical Support which allows companies to undertake complex R&D projects, delivering results quickly and efficiently.

Typical challenges in the Aerospace and Defence industry:

  • Weight reduction
  • Easy assembly of complex components
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Mechanical properties can be tailored to meet specialist applications and use
  • Operation of equipment and components in extreme environments, including:
    • High impact resistance
    • High damage tolerance
  • Avoidance of corrosion and fatigue problems

If you are looking to achieve any of these features, or others, RAPRA will be your trusted partner. Submit your enquiries here – the RAPRA Polymer Helpdesk offers a fast and efficient route to the best experts and resources.