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Electronic & Electrical

The electrical and electronic industry is making a significant contribution to UK exports and is a sector where innovation and rapid new development is the ‘norm’.

RAPRA recognises that the market for consumer electrical and electronic goods is growing at a phenomenal rate with the sector contributing with £16 billion to the national economy.

People are coming to expect a steady stream of low cost products with amazing capabilities. This demand and meeting stringent safety standards are the main drivers for electrical and electronic new product development.

Polymers are invaluable to develop new applications for the electrical and electronic equipment as electricity powers almost every aspect of our lives.

Plastics in Electrical and Electronic Applications


  • Have the simplest molecular structure
  • By heating, they are softened or melted, then they are formed, welded and solidified when cooled
  • The process of heating and cooling can be repeated without severe damage, allowing reprocessing and recycling
  • Thermoplastics consumption is roughly 80% of the total plastic consumption

Thermoplastics Elastomers

  • Copolymers or compounds of thermoplastics and rubber
  • Elasticity comes from the structure of the macromolecule with alternating soft and hard parts
  • Thermoplastics Elastomers lead to a combination of interesting properties such as elasticity in a limited range of temperature
  • They are easy to recycle as for all the thermoplastics


  • Like thermoplastics, they are independent macromolecules
  • After hardening, they have a 3D structure obtained by chemical crosslinking produced after spray-up moulding or filament winding or during the processing (compression, injection moulding etc.)

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