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Failure Analysis

Combining the last 95 years of Rubber And Plastics Research Association (RAPRA) experience with the extensive expertise of our technical network offers industry a single unrivalled resource for diagnosing failures. Our service has the range of capabilities to deal with all types of failure analysis enquiries. Join hundreds of other companies that trust RAPRA to provide an effective impartial service using our Technical Support Network to investigate plastics, rubbers and polymer composites failure issues.

Failure analysis of plastics, rubber and polymers requires highly specialist knowledge and experience with the materials, design techniques and manufacturing processes. Our extensive network of specialists have the skills and experience to investigate and rapidly identify the pathways and causes of failures.

RAPRA provides access to a wide range of rubber, plastics and polymer failure analysis services including:

  • Thermal Oxidation
  • Chemical Attacks
  • Environmental Stress Cracking
  • Route Cause Analysis
  • Human Reliability
  • Physical Ageing

We willingly enter into non-disclosure agreements immediately clients ask for one. RAPRA ensures that client confidentiality is maintained throughout the process of failure analysis.

Only by collecting and analysing all the data relating to a failure can reliable determination of the cause be established. The root of the failure can often be unclear and disputed by all parties involved, therefore we ensure that you will get a smooth, confidential service from us and our providers.

Typical Plastics Failures: brittle fracture, ductile overload, creep rupture, environmental stress cracking, molecular degradation and fatigue.

Typical Rubber Failures: design fault, poor material selection, processing problems, manufacturing errors, fatigue, electrical stress, and weathering.

RAPRA, the Rubber And Plastics Research Association, provides independent and impartial plastics, rubbers and polymer based composites failure analysis services to the widest range of industries, including: Aerospace & Defence, Automotive, Construction, Retail, Manufacturing and Toys & Games.