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Materials Analysis

Whether designing a completely new product, upgrading an existing one, or monitoring the life of critical components that include any type of plastic, rubber or polymer, a thorough understanding of the properties of the specific material(s) is essential. The Rubber And Plastics Research Association emphasises the importance of the very best materials analysis in all these processes to maximise performance and minimise R&D, production and in-service costs.

The properties of polymer materials often change over their lifetime. This may be the result of environmental factors and can ultimately affect performance to the extent it becomes problematic.

RAPRA can help with virtually every type of material analysis, including compatibility of dissimilar materials and any possible contact surface interface issues. We can assist you in establishing the current state and conditions of components, or structures so you can quickly determine any required remedial action.

Likely failures can then be predicted, or unacceptable degradation of performance avoided.

RAPRA believes in undertaking thorough material analysis for rubber, plastics, polymers and composites to:

  • Gain good position in the marketplace with your products
  • Ensure your products are fit for purpose
  • Comply with regulations and standards
  • Characterise your materials to improve product performance
  • Avoid design faults and accurately predict safe product lifespans

From routine testing, to more in depth understanding of material performance, RAPRA provides access to a wide range of rubber, plastics, polymers and other related materials analysis services including:

  • Plastic and Rubber Testing
  • Polymer Failure Analysis
  • SEM Analysis
  • Optical Microscopy
  • Non-destructive Testing
  • Wear Testing
  • Adhesion Testing
  • Mechanical Properties of Materials
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Physical Properties Testing
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Contamination Identification
  • Contamination Testing
  • Surface Analysis
  • Metallurgy Services
  • Material Analysis Techniques
  • Materials Testing
  • Material Processing
  • Material Post Processing

RAPRA, the Rubber And Plastics Research Association, provides independent and impartial plastics, rubbers and polymer based composites material analysis services to the widest range of industries, including: Aerospace & Defence, Automotive, Construction, Retail, Manufacturing and Toys & Games.