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Oil & Gas

Accessing the remaining oil and gas reserves is an ever increasing technological challenge. This particular sector is Britain’s largest investor. In the UK alone, revenues for the oil and gas industry supply chain exceeded £27 billion in 2011.

RAPRA recognises the need for new materials as the existing ones are continuously being modified to perform way beyond their original specifications.

In over 90 years of experience of working and assisting polymer enquiries, the Rubber And Plastics Research Association identifies the extended use of polymers in the oil and gas industry. They can experience some of the toughest conditions and still be fit for purpose to ensure 100% integrity throughout products lifetime.

Polymer uses in the oil and gas industry:

  • Down hole applications
  • Flexible risers
  • Complex multi-layer pipeline systems
  • Liquid/gas systems
  • Cables for use in extreme environments
  • Coatings

RAPRA has assisted a number of oil and gas enquiries that included:

  • Failure Analysis
  • Material Identification
  • Stress cracking
  • Chemical Analysis
  • New Component Development

RAPRA delivers the highest level of customer service and matches the right provider to your need. We have selected expert interpretation of result and technical reporting to assist you with test development and product evaluation.

RAPRA can help you innovate and maximise efficiency for reliable oil and gas processes by working together to find the best solutions to eliminate risks for your company:

  • Political constraints
  • Undefined energy policy
  • Cost suppression
  • Health, safety and environmental risks
  • Unqualified personnel
  • Competition from new technologies

To access a broad range of expertise including commercial laboratories, universities, government agencies and other industry bodies, submit your enquiry now.