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Textile, Clothing & Footwear

The performance of materials used in the Textile, Clothing & Footwear industry has been pushed to new limits. This is driven by the demand to cope with operating in more extreme environments, and fashion innovation.

RAPRA has been at the forefront of material development for textiles, clothing & footwear industry and will continue to help lead the translation of ideas into reality.

The popular fashion industry consists of:

  • The production of raw materials (fibres, textiles, leather and fur)
  • The production of fashion goods by designers, manufacturers, contractors
  • Retail sales
  • Marketing, advertising and promotion

RAPRA recognises the need for smart polymers which can be used in the textiles, clothing and footwear industry to respond with a considerable change in their properties to changes in the environment.

Synthetic materials produced from substances made by scientists rather than plant fibres provided substitutes for natural fabrics. They are known for their advantage of being lightweight. Here are a few examples:

  • Rayon and nylon – replacing silk
  • Polyester – could be mixed with rayon or cotton
  • Nylon – called “thermosetting polycondensate” polymer which is known for its toughness, lightweight and waterproof qualities.

Environmental factors that can stimulate the polymers’ behaviour can include temperature, pH, chemicals and light.

New technologies are developed everyday as the main leaders in this sector believe in product innovation. With our extensive experience of dealing with polymer, RAPRA will provide the right mix for your design formulation, manufacturing and R&D applications.

We can match your specific requirements with confidence to our unique network of professionals to achieve cutting edge technology for your business.

Techniques used in the textiles, clothing & footwear applications can vary from:

  • Blow moulding
  • Extrusion
  • Fabric coating
  • Film and sheet
  • Injection moulding
  • Over moulding
  • Melt and solution coating

To access a broad range of expertise including commercial laboratories, universities, government agencies and other industry bodies, submit your enquiry now.